VOL. 10 July ISSUE YEAR 2009

Nadcap Column

in Vol. 10 - July Issue - Year 2009
Organization Responsible for Nadcap Audits Gets “Guru Validation” of New Training Program from Goodrich Employees

As part of Customer Solutions & Support (CS&S), the Performance Review Institute (PRI) has launched eQuaLified. eQuaLified represents an industry-recognized special process personnel qualification system developed and validated by industry subject matter experts. 

One objective of eQuaLified is to ensure consistency and competency validation in the aerospace industry, while mitigating knowledge loss or disparity due to attrition, turnover and/or relocation.  By using the industry’s subject matter experts to develop this training and qualification program, eQuaLified will contribute to the successful knowledge transfer to the next generation within the aerospace workforce.

“The ability to develop this training together with an industry consensus is the real strength of the program,” according to PRI Business Development Engineer Stan Revers. “Industry input has been absolutely vital. To be able to tap into these resources as needed is highly beneficial for PRI in developing the program – and ultimately, a truly positive activity for the industry as a whole.”

Based on Bodies of Knowledge established by participating Primes, PRI has worked with industry experts to objectively characterize the special processes skills and knowledge of aerospace personnel levels:

1. Process Operator – Process Operators understand and perform the basic hands-on operations of the special process.
2. Process Planner – Process Planners are capable of designing manufacturing processes and interpreting process procedures to conform to customer specifications and requirements. Process Planners are capable of problem solving and resolving day-to-day issues.
3. Process Owner – Process Owners are capable of writing, reviewing and approving processes, procedures and qualifications of lower levels. Process Owners are capable of designing new processes and resolving issues among all the other levels.

No one is more qualified to size up the effectiveness of a training program about a special manufacturing process than the people who perform that process day in and day out. PRI – the organization that administers Nadcap, the aerospace industry’s cooperative program for ensuring that companies performing special processes comply with exacting standards – got just this kind of “guru validation” from Goodrich and Honeywell employees.  In February 2009 PRI instructors were at the Goodrich Corp. Chula Vista facility to conduct a pilot training program on heat treating, non-destructive testing and welding.
“Inadequate training in special manufacturing processes – or the lack of any training at all – is a common finding during Nadcap accreditation audits conducted around the globe to ensure the competency, capability and consistency of companies performing special processes,” according to Goodrich Enterprise Quality Director Kevin Ward. “In recognition of this shortcoming, aerospace prime contractors and suppliers – including Goodrich – have pooled their resources to help PRI develop special manufacturing processes training. By gathering input from these sources, PRI has put together a cohesive, global training package.”

To validate the training with subject matter experts before rolling it out to the world, PRI has been conducting pilot programs in various places. In December 2008, for example, the first pilot training took place in London. Attendees included employees from the Goodrich Engine Controls and Actuation Systems business units, as well as personnel from Aircelle, Bombardier, British Aerospace, Eurocopter and Honeywell.

Adapted from an internal article published by Goodrich Corporation.

Other Feedback

“Through eQuaLified, we can reliably judge the suitability of a candidate to perform special process tasks because it indicates a certain level of individual proficiency, all over the world.”
Chet Daté, Honeywell

“Honeywell and others in the Aerospace, Transportation and Technology business recognize that trained, talented engineers are key to our success.  eQualified enables us to identify and work with the best.  eQuaLearn enables us to train the best, domestically and globally.”
Laurie Strom, Honeywell

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