in Vol. 10 - September Issue - Year 2009
Flap Peening Training on the Caribbean Islands

For any of the over 30 MFN trainers around the globe, to teach on-site training on a Caribbean island is probably the place of choice. Ray Fontana did a very extensive flap peening training for Caribbean Airlines last June. This airline is locate in Trinidad, which was a British colony at some point in time, just off the coast of Venezuela. The FAA accepted classes lasting 2 days and a total of 21 people attended.

The Caribbean Airlines maintenance department is working on the Boeing 737 model 800s landing gear and flap track repair. It's much more economical for them to be able to exercise this work internally instead of sending it to another airline maintenance shop.  They have also started to do their C checks all by themselves, which is a major undertaking. The Caribbean Airlines flies over 2500 flights a year to the USA and Canada.

MFN  maintains a training organization for different processes which are taught in up to eight languages. This is supported by fourteen offices and a total of forty-seven members from as many as eighteen countries. Furthermore, MFN has access to three permanently-available training centers. Over the years, MFN has gone into partnerships and cooperation agreements with various organizations established worldwide and can benefit from a global network which is unique in the metal finishing industry.

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