VOL. 10 November ISSUE YEAR 2009


in Vol. 10 - November Issue - Year 2009
For Surface Protection and Maximised Cleanliness: Washing Meshes in Industrial Cleaning Processes

Whether it’s a gear wheel, a cylinder or a spherical head, many freshly produced components need intensive cleaning before they can proceed to further machining or be dispatched to customers. Using POLY-NET® washing meshes in industrial cleaning processes enables companies to profit from two-in-one efficiency: the surface of the components is reliably protected against damage, and the cleaning agent can deploy its capabilities to optimum effect.

Freshly produced components often have oils, chips, dust or other dirt adhering to them. In order to assure smooth further machining inside the plant, or delivery of a clean product to customers, the soiled components have to be thoroughly cleaned. This industrial cleaning process is a relatively substantial time and cost factor for the companies concerned. In the production process for ball-bearings, for example, cleaning may account for up to 25 per cent of the total production time and costs involved. In order to exploit optimisation potentials to the full, a cleaning concept geared to actual needs is essential. One important building block here can be the use of POLY-NET® washing meshes. POLY-NET® is a division of the cable manufacturer Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH (NSW), and for 50 years now has been synonymous with quality and innovative vigour in terms of developing and producing plastic meshes.

POLY-NET® washing meshes are used as intermediate layers in washing baskets, and prevent the parts stocked on top of each other from actually touching. Costly damage is thus dependably avoided. At the same time, the special mesh construction reduces the area of contact with the workpieces. The minimised number of supporting points ensures unimpeded contact of air and washing liquid with the surface of the components involved. This means that the cleaning agent can be deployed to optimum effect, and the drying process is assisted as well. This reliable cleaning process, as space-saving as it is efficient, makes an important contribution towards reducing costs. POLY-NET® washing meshes are predestined for use in machinery and plant manufacturing, in the automotive and electronics industries, hydraulics and pneumatics, precision engineering, aerospace, medical technology and other sectors where meticulous cleanliness ranks among the defining quality features. Besides a choice of mesh sizes, there are also different materials available, depending on the cleaning agent involved: polypropylene (PP) for aqueous cleaners, and polyamide (PA) for chemical cleaning processes. POLY-NET® washing meshes can also be used without any problems for handling hot solvents. They can be supplied either by the metre or as cut-to-size blanks, matched to the particular size of the washing baskets involved.

As every year, anyone wishing comprehensive information and professionally responsive advice about POLY-NET® washing meshes was welcomed on the manufacturer’s stand at the parts2clean trade fair 2009 in Stuttgart.

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