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in Vol. 11 - March Issue - Year 2010
MFN-JOT to host Industrial Coating Workshop at PaintExpo coming April
Andrzej Wojtas

Andrzej Wojtas

Three internationally recognized brands within the finishing industry combine their resources to organise an Industrial Coating Training for a wide audience. A year ago, MFN and JOT decided to develop this one day training together. Once successful, this type of education shall be not only extended, but also organised around the globe and to be taught in different languages. Since MFN is Partner in Education of PaintExpo and JOT has been this exhibition's Cooperation Partner for many years, it only made sense to choose a facility at the PaintExpo for this workshop and to benefit from each other’s data bases and networking.

JOT, Germany's leading magazine for surface technology covers all aspects of surface technology such as liquid coating, powder coating, automotive finishing, electroplating, parts cleaning, paint removal, blasting, conveyor technology and measuring. It belongs to Fachverlagsgruppe Springer Science + Business Media, which is the second largest scientific publishing company in Europe. JOT's experience in this field contributed greatly to the design of a high quality training.

The PaintExpo is the world's most recognized fair for suppliers and users of the industrial coating technology. Their event, which takes place from the 13th-16th of April, 2010 in Karlsruhe, Germany, attracts nearly 6000 specialist visitors from all over the world. The MFN-JOT training will benefit from this existing infrastructure. Participants of the industrial coating training will also have the opportunity to visit the PaintExpo at no additional charge. The breaks are scheduled in such a way, that a visit of the exhibition is easily possible. Such a concept brings additional value for the participants. 

This industrial coating training combines a mixture of knowledge that is beneficial to all those involved in the process, rather than exclusively for one particular group in this field. So operators, supervisors, process & maintenance engineers, buyers, even trainers will be able to either learn something completely new, or at least be able to refresh their knowledge.

MFN is very excited about this new opportunity and cooperation with JOT and PaintExpo. For more information please visit our website at www.mfn.li/workshops.

Best Regards
Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li

Author: Andrzej Wojtas