VOL. 11 March ISSUE YEAR 2010


in Vol. 11 - March Issue - Year 2010
Riley Surface World Launches New "AirTech" Container Shot Blast Rooms
Riley AirTech container interior

Riley AirTech container interior

Riley Surface World has added to its "AirTech" range of surface treatment equipment with the launch of new container shot blast rooms. They offer a robust, energy-efficient and low cost solution for all forms of enclosed, free-standing shot blasting operations.

Applications include vehicle chassis remanufacturing, small scale workshop production and the pre-treatment of many types of products before surface finishing, powder coating or painting.

There are two sizes based on standard 6 metre (20 feet) or 12 metre (40 feet) shipping containers that are fully equipped as working shot blast enclosures.

Main features include a reinforced 3 mm thick steel floor, rubber lined walls, impact resistant lighting, personnel and loading doors and a purpose-built dust extraction system to comply with all environmental directives.

Riley "AirTech" container shot blast rooms can be used with any free-standing pressure pot or total loss shot blasting equipment. The combination of the fully enclosed environment and extraction system enables all blast media to be recycled, resulting in a safe and efficient shot blasting operation.

Riley Surface World can also supply complete pressure pot blasting systems and accessories through its exclusive agreement with the German manufacturer Contracor, resulting in the complete small-scale shot blasting solution for both large and small companies.

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