VOL. 11 March ISSUE YEAR 2010


in Vol. 11 - March Issue - Year 2010
NACE Opens Office in Kuala Lumpur to Serve Growing Asian Market

Further developing the international corrosion community, NACE has opened an office with full-time staff to meet its members’ needs in the Asian market.

Houston, TX–NACE International, The Corrosion Society, has opened a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to meet the needs of its fast-growing membership in that part of the world. The office will be staffed with full-time employees and is the culmination of a commitment made by NACE Board of Directors more than a year ago to assure that the Asian market would be well served.
"This is a very exciting move for NACE," said Mark Byerley, president of NACE. "We do business in more than 100 countries but the Asian region in particular has grown substantially, and this office will allow NACE to provide better service through local delivery to members who live there."
The grand opening of the Kuala Lumpur office was celebrated on November 23, 2009. Staff from NACE headquarters in Houston, Texas and the new Kuala Lumpur employees welcomed many NACE members, including those from Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Pakistan. These members represented firms in oil & gas, nuclear power, and marine, all of which are industries that will gain from NACE’s new office.
"The KL presence will really help serve members from this region," said Tushar Jhaveri, a long-time NACE member from Mumbai, India and NACE Board Member. "All of us here are really looking forward to working with the office to grow NACE’s presence in this part of the world."
The Kuala Lumpur office will be headed by Astley Pung, a native of Malaysia. He has an MBA from the American University of Hawaii, and most recently, was in business development for Prestar Resources Berhad, a manufacturing firm. NACE welcomes Astley as the new Manager, East Asia and Pacific Rim.
NACE International, The Corrosion Society, based in Houston, Texas, has over 22,000 members in 110 countries. It is recognized worldwide as the largest professional association dedicated to protecting people, assets, and the environment from the impact of corrosion. It was founded in 1943, and offers technical training and certification programs, sponsors conferences, and produces industry standards, reports, publications, and software to prevent and mitigate corrosion.

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