VOL. 3 February ISSUE YEAR 2002


in Vol. 3 - February Issue - Year 2002
New Compact & Versatile Wet Blast Cabinet

In the Spotlight

The Vapormatt Group is a specialist in wet abrasive blasting. The Company's range of equipment covers an extensive variety of manual and automatic surface cleaning, degreasing, preparation, treatment,finishing and associated applications such as wet peening.

The latest 'Vapormate 3' wet blast cabinet from Vapormatt Ltd has been specially designed for both ease and economy of operation.

Compact and versatile, the machine is ideal for either the small workshop or production operations and, because the pump unit is positioned at the side of the cabinet rather than at the rear - a new feature for machines of this type - the machine can be conveniently located flush against a wall. Footprint of this model is just 711mm (28in) x 1270mm (50in), height is 1753mm (69in) and the robust 10mm thick polyethylene processing enclosure measures 940mm (37in) wide x 699mm (27.5in) deep x 597mm (23.5in) high.
As well as high level fluorescent internal illumination, the processing enclosure has a white, reflective inner surface to enhance operator visibility.  The viewing window, made from toughened safety glass, is fitted with an internal full-width wiper and screen-wash unit.
The internal work support platform is made from stainless steel and is easily removable for maintenance purposes.  The coated mild steel machine support frame on the standard version of the Vapormate 3 includes three manually adjustable height positions, so that the processing enclosure can be raised or lowered to suit different operator heights and sitting or standing working positions.  A stainless steel support frame with an hydraulically operated variable height adjuster is available as an optional extra.
Other standard features of this equipment include: a quick-release 1.1kW gland-less urethane pump which allows fast replacement in the event of pump failure; a lightweight, high efficiency 30 cfm blast gun (other capacities are available); and moving bed paper filtration for the removal of oil and debris.  The blast gun and window wash are both foot operated and the blast pressure control is easily visible and adjustable. 
Services required are a 1/2in BSP air connection, a standard 1/2in water connection, and a 220 VAC single-phase, 50/60Hz, 16 Amp power supply.
Optional equipment includes an immersion heater for use when heated degreasing chemicals are required, and a recirculated rinse system to conserve water consumption.

The Wet Blast Process

Wet blasting uses water and an abrasive medium accelerated from a nozzle with compressed air, to provide a very effective and environmentally friendly closed-loop surface cleaning and conditioning process.
The abrasive particles used in the system can be as fine as talcum powder but due to the water carrier - and unlike dry blasting processes - no dust or static electricity is created. The water buffers and lubricates the particles on impact, allowing very fine finishes to be produced without damage to the component.
Biodegradable degreasing compounds can be added to the water to further extend the capability of the process-components can therefore be degreased and super-finished in a single operation.
Filters built into the machine remove the oil and blast debris on a continuous cycle. Many different types and sizes of abrasive media can be employed in the process, depending on the application, from ruby hard alumina to soft plastics.

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