VOL. 11 May ISSUE YEAR 2010


in Vol. 11 - May Issue - Year 2010
Progressive Technologies is now Progressive Surface

Grand Rapids, Michigan Progressive Technologies has changed its name to Progressive Surface, highlighting the company’s core competencies in the design and manufacture of world-class surface treatment machinery.
"Our new name better communicates our focus on surface treatment applications," said Doug Poortenga, executive vice president. "Progressive Surface machines are used all over the world in the most demanding shot peening, grit blasting, ultra-high pressure waterjet stripping, and thermal spray coating applications."
Progressive Surface produces custom and standard equipment used by the aerospace, energy, medical, military, and general manufacturing industries.
Over the course of its 41-year history, Progressive has become known for on-time delivery of complete solutions that meet the specific process requirements of each customer. As part of its name change, Progressive Surface recently formalized and branded its unique design, development, and manufacturing process.
"We call it the Procise Process," said Jim Whalen, vice president sales & marketing. "It begins with our thorough, upfront discovery, where we ask a lot of questions to understand the customer’s precise requirements. We put more time in at the front end to be sure the end result is a process-specific machine that does exactly what the customer needs it to do. Our engineering, process, tooling, software, and automation expertise combine to create a total, integrated solution."
The personalized service of the Procise Process™ continues with lifetime support, provided by a team of technicians ready to serve customers 24/7.
"When we get calls for service, we’re typically able to solve the problem over the phone; in some cases, the customer service engineer is the same one who originally installed the machine," said Whalen. Ninety-four percent of customers order from Progressive again.
The Grand Rapids, Michigan company began as Progressive Engineering Company and changed its name to Progressive Blasting Systems in 1972 and Progressive Technologies, Inc. in 1988. Through the name changes and several expansions, ownership and a strong customer focus have remained the same.

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