in Vol. 11 - July Issue - Year 2010
Three Strong Partners Facilitate Their Synergies! New Training for Industrial Painting

There are very few possibilities to get additional education in the field of Industrial Painting. That educational deficit seems not to be focused on a particular country, but is the case on a global scale. MFN, in cooperation with JOT, Germany's leading magazine for surface technology, would like to fill this gap of education and has decided to develop a completely new training program. This is just the start of what will become an on-going process. PaintExpo, the world's largest and most recognized fair within the Industrial Coating Industry, supported MFN-JOT as a sponsor for the training facilities at its exhibition center. The joint effort of MFN, JOT and PaintExpo shall improve the educational means for people within the Industrial Painting Industry for the years to come.

On the 15th of April 2010, the first MFN-JOT Industrial Painting Workshop took place at the PaintExpo in Karlsruhe, Germany. A total of 3 MFN-JOT trainers, which are specialist in their fields, taught nearly 20 participants for one day. Some of the topics were application technology, mixing techniques, paint systems, guidelines for dissolvers, different types of paint, basics of painting, quality systems, etc. At the end of the course an optional test was offered in order to obtain a "Certificate of Achievement". The target group of such events is people involved in industrial painting, not just on the shop floor level, but also in job preparation, quality control and in supervising positions.
The scheduling of the training was done in such a way that the participants also had enough time to visit the PaintExpo. This since the training took place on the exhibition area. To combine training with a leading exhibition in this field is a very interesting option for the participants. Taking into account that this was MFM-JOT's first event of its kind, it was a considerable success. They will now proceed to organise such workshops frequently in Germany. However, the long term goal is to offer several days of Industrial Painting Training and to host such events all over the world. MFN has already succeeded in doing so for other processes, where training is provided in 8 languages in over 20 countries. For more information see www.mfn.li/workshops or contact info@mfn.li.