VOL. 11 November ISSUE YEAR 2010


in Vol. 11 - November Issue - Year 2010
SATAjet 4000 B – Made for the Best
SATAjet 4000 B versions

SATAjet 4000 B versions

Detail view SATAjet 4000 B

Detail view SATAjet 4000 B

On the occasion of the Automechanika 2010, SATA present their latest spray gun generation: the SATAjet 4000 B, replacing the successful SATAjet 3000 B. It attracts right away with its distinctive, modern design and its compact, smaller size.


The new, curved gun handle of the SATAjet 4000 B has been designed to fit the hand like a glove. The low centre of gravity improves the balance of the gun, thus minimising the strain on the wrist. The weight of the SATAjet 4000 B has been reduced by 15 % compared to its predecessor. With integrated digital pressure gauge and RPS disposable cup, it becomes the lightest gun of its class.
The control elements also come in a new design. Due to their improved profile, they can be precisely adjusted even when wearing gloves.
The round/flat spray control has been completely redesigned as well: with one quarter turn only required from open to closed, the spray fan can now be precisely tuned with linear effect to the shape of object to be painted – for safe and even more comfortable paint application.

New nozzle concept

With the new SATAjet 4000 B, every paint system can be safely and perfectly applied; painting becomes second nature. The spray gun with its extremely uniform and soft spray fan smoothly lays down the material on the object, resulting in top class finishes. Exact colour match precision, perfect gloss and uniform paint distribution are immediately obvious. As a result, anyone who has tried the SATAjet 4000 B will never want to put the spray gun aside again. The recommended spray gun inlet pressure of the RP version has been further reduced, now ranging between only 2 to maximum 2.2 bar. Additionally, the new nozzle concept helps reduce the noise level by up to 50 %.
Of course, the SATAjet 4000 B fully complies with the strict VOC regulations, with transfer rates far exceeding 65 %. Based on material, routine, application technique and available compressed air volume, the painter can select between the "Super Saver" HVLP low pressure or the "Super Speed" RP version with optimised high pressure technology.
At the time of its market launch, the SATAjet 4000 B will be available with the following nozzle set-ups: The RP versions with the sizes 1.2 / 1.2 W / 1.3 and 1.4 and the HVLP versions with the sizes WSB / 1.3 / 1.3 C / 1.4 and 1.5.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Like the previous gun model, the SATAjet 4000 B features a shiny, easy to clean chrome surface. During the design process, special attention was paid to smooth material passages without any edges or undercuts.
Furthermore, the new fluid tip sealing additionally reduces the cleaning effort.
The SATAjet 4000 B is also equipped with a trigger cover element to protect the paint needle from overspray, thus increasing the lifetime of the paint needle packing. Furthermore, self-tensioning paint needle and air piston packing minimise time-consuming maintenance repairs.
The proven cup connection (Quick Cup Connector) with bayonet for a quick and clean cup change has been adopted from its predecessor to ensure best conditions for the use of the RPS disposable cup system.
To save time during disassembly and cleaning, the air cap thread has been further shortened.
The air cap consists of sturdy chrome-plated brass, while fluid tip and paint needle are made of stainless steel. In combination with the corrosion-resistant chrome surface of the drop-forged gun body, the spray gun is extremely robust and waterborne proof.

Made in Germany

SATA spray guns are exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany. Strict quality controls in place monitor every single manufacturing process. The high precision components are assembled with ultimate care, while each nozzle set is manually fine-tuned.
With the SATAjet 4000 B, the painter will achieve perfect finishes.

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