VOL. 11 November ISSUE YEAR 2010


in Vol. 11 - November Issue - Year 2010
UKSMA President and Vice President
Steven Boyd, President of G&O Springs

Steven Boyd, President of G&O Springs

John Clifford, Vice President of Clifford Springs

John Clifford, Vice President of Clifford Springs

The UKSMA has a strong heritage in providing unrivalled knowledge and services to its members, who are all very passionate about the spring industry. The Council is elected from within the membership and recently they elected their new President, Steven Boyd, of G&O Springs, and the new Vice President, John Clifford, of Clifford Springs. With over 65 member companies, they actively promote the industry, its products and our members.

This is a period of great change for both the UKSMA and the UK industry; the association is a member organisation and they would like to encourage all UK Spring manufacturers to become more actively involved in the development of the association; they invite you to tell them what they can do to assist you in the future that will ensure that your needs and interests are being met. One can write to them at uksma@uksma.org.uk; please spare them the time to give them some constructive feedback on their current performance.

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