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in Vol. 12 - March Issue - Year 2011
New Generation Of Abrasive Media Transfer
Jiri Neuwirth, Managing Director of Wista Ltd.

Jiri Neuwirth, Managing Director of Wista Ltd.



Example of the SOLITON

Example of the SOLITON

Exposed 3D visualization of the patented SOLITON

Exposed 3D visualization of the patented SOLITON

Optional combination of floor grating and rails used for transfer of heavy items and to support the product during blasting process

Optional combination of floor grating and rails used for transfer of heavy items and to support the product during blasting process

Example of graphical output strength analysis of SOLITON

Example of graphical output strength analysis of SOLITON

WISTA Ltd. – Manufacturer and supplier of shot blasting systems is introducing to the market an innovative system of abrasive collection with broader spectrum of applications.

(?) MFN: What prompted you to develop the SOLITON® system?

(!) J. N.: With over 20 years of shot blasting equipment market presence WISTA Ltd. now continually develops and innovates their own shot blasting and abrasive transfer systems.
In 2008 we reevaluated our strategic goals. Emphasis was put on improving the cost to benefit ratio of our equipment for our customers not just in the area of purchase cost, but also in the areas of installation, operation and maintenance costs. At that time we initiated our development work on the new abrasive transfer system project.

(?) MFN: How is your system different from other systems on the market?

(!) J. N.: It is quite a radical departure from traditional concepts.
We used a number of new design solutions. During the development stage our engineers evaluated and analyzed the purpose, function and shape of every detail to create space-efficient, technically advanced, yet cost-effective designs. The result is SOLITON® system. It is a brand new, complex and patent-protected solution.

(?) MFN: Can you present to us at least some of its advantages?

(!) J. N.: Floor conveyors do not take up any extra floor space outside of the shot blasting booth and cover 100% of its floor envelope.
Transfer capacity can be regulated according to the system work load. The energy saving is potentially over 50%.
Drive components have improved mechanical arrangement which allows for the floor conveyor output increase of up to 10%.
The whole abrasive system can be fitted into the most space deficient locations thanks to unified installation depth from 0.2m (approx. 8") and low overall height starting at 2.2m (7'-3").
The system is of modular design, supplied in kit form. All elements are easily transportable with max. length 3m (9'-10"). Installation can be performed with a comprehensible manual without manufacturer’s supervision.

(?) MFN: How did you approach the product development and quality assurance process?

(!) J. N.: The system has undergone a two-year process of testing and analysis in three development prototype versions. Some areas of SOLITON® system were developed with support of experts from Bulk Materials Laboratory of Technical University in Ostrava. All design work was carried out in 3D using Solid EDGE software by SIEMENS. Static and dynamic calculations along with throughput capacity analyses were performed using SAMCEF software in adherence to CSN, EN and ISO standards. Furthermore a new measurement and testing methodology was developed to assist us with further improvement and innovation of this product line.

(?) MFN: What are the areas of use of this product?

(!) J. N.: SOLITON® system is usable in standard shot blasting booths of any size. Thanks to its modular design we can provide systems with practically no length limitation.
A new advantage is the system's capability of being used in miniature shot blasting stations where mechanized abrasive collection has not been possible up until now. That is, for example, in workshops with a low ceiling clearance or mobile containerized blast shops. Other logical applications will be, for example, in the manual, automated or robotic shot blast cabins, under the roller conveyors of (wheel) shot blast machines and inside of shot peening systems.
Upon request, the system SOLITON® can be packaged with a full shot blast booth kit assembled from modular components equipped with shot blasting unit and dust collection. As an example we prepared an interesting solution of integral shot blast chamber complete with dust collection developed in cooperation with the dust collection experts from DONALDSON®.

(?) MFN: You mentioned the system’s versatility thanks to its modular design. But what is the size spectrum you can offer to your customer?

(!) J. N.: The standard range of abrasive collection conveyors consists of 600, 900, 1200 and 1500 mm wide units, all fitted with frame structure with drive unit, floor grating with load capacity 600, 1200 and 4000 kg, bucket elevator with integral separator and abrasive hopper. Conveyor assembly, abrasive hopper and elevator tower arrangement can be adapted for use with almost any available shotblast equipment, up to 4 units, or for dual chamber units with multiple blast outputs.
As optional equipment we will offer automated abrasive replenishment, magnetic separator, an autonomous separator fan with filter, hopper adaptation for abrasive suction system connection or fully PLC controlled operation including variable speed control according current media loading.

(?) MFN: What are the benefits for users of your system?

(!) J. N.: Unified depth of installation and no overlaps of the system under the booth or room bring considerable savings to the cost of construction preparations. This cost, for example, is close to zero when the system is placed on the existing floor.
The ability to regulate the power output of the floor conveyors allows for reduction of compressed air or electricity consumption (depending on the type of drive used) by more than 50% compared to currently conventional systems.
Thanks to the low installed height of the separator, hopper and sophisticated construction of the bucket elevator are all control elements accessible from the floor. Elevated platforms, walkways, access ladders and railings are no longer necessary. The important benefit is the simplification of the operation and maintenance of various parts of the system.

(?) MFN: How will you distribute the product?

(!) J. N.: System SOLITON® is offered to both end users and OE manufacturers or other vendors of equipment and services in the field of surface preparation as a complement to their product portfolio.
The ease of transportation and installation of this system establishes the potential for seamless distribution around the world.

We would like to thank Jiri Neuwirth for this interview!

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