VOL. 12 March ISSUE YEAR 2011


in Vol. 12 - March Issue - Year 2011
New Approaches for New Image
Delegates in the opening ceremony

Delegates in the opening ceremony

Exhibitors in the hall

Exhibitors in the hall

Work on the 9th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition (SF EXPO China 2011) has been proceeding smoothly recently. Compared with previous exhibitions, this one has more features:

1. More Internationalized
SF EXPO China is the only "international surface finishing exhibition" with official authorization in Guangdong province in  2011. It maintains friendly partnership with the international associations including Powder Coating Institute, Korea Plating Industry Cooperative, Singapore Surface Engineering Association, Australasian Institute of Surface Finishing, as well as inviting foreign enterprises. The Number of international exhibitors and visitors will increase greatly in 2011.
2. Larger Scale
It’s estimated that the scale of SF EXPO China 2011 will be twice that of 2009 according to the current booth application, when most exhibitions are stagnating or shrinking. This is great progress to prove the adoption of a biennial event is right.
3. Better Visitor Organization
SF EXPO China focuses on target visitors and buyers and does promotion in all kinds of related nationwide exhibitions and industrial events. Besides, SF EXPO China is popularized via the biggest global search engine – Google and the most powerful surface finishing website in China – Huicong.com.
4. More Concurrent Events for an Industrial Pageant
Members' Assembly of Marketing Working Committee of China Surface Engineering Association, International Symposium on Surface Finishing Industry Development and New Product, Technology Promotion Conference, Annual Meeting and Forum of Guangdong and Guangzhou, Electroplating Association, Energy-saving and Environmentally-friendly Coating Technical Seminar, Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Surface Finishing Enterprises and The 9th Guangzhou (China) International Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives Exhibition are concurrent events.

These events are organized by industry associations and the authority has greatly encouraged participation within the industry, it's an industry gathering. The purpose of the organizing committee is to give all exhibitors and visitors, information, business opportunities and friends: a win-win situation.

Due to the continuous efforts made by the organizing committee in the publicity, various new promotional approaches have been adopted to create a new image for SF EXPO China 2011.
Overseas Promotion:

1. Cooperation with Google
Other than advertising in professional magazines and websites at home and abroad, SF EXPO China is also collaborating with Google, the No.1 global search engine, to maximize its exposure around the world. The Key Word Ads have targeted in particular countries including US, Germany, UK, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. Google also helps to do ads in its 120 alliance websites.
2. PCI’s efforts in North America
As one of the key organizers, PCI tries its best to do promotion for SF EXPO China in America, especially in the NAI Coating Show on Oct. 27-29, 2010. The billboard ads have been placed and exhibition brochures distributed to maximize the popularity of SF EXPO China in the show.
3. Promotion in Singapore International Conference
The APIC 2010 organized by Singapore Surface Engineering Association, was held on Oct. 19-25, 2010 in Singapore. The exhibition invitation and tickets of SF EXPO China 2011 were distributed to all attendees. This international conference in Singapore attracts the professionals from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. It helps to enlarge the popularity of SF EXPO China in South-East Asia.

Domestic Promotion:

1. November 7-9, 2010, China Surface Engineering Association Coating Branch Annual Meeting was held in Hangzhou. The organizing committee representatives went to Hangzhou to meet the majority of coating processing and equipment manufacturing enterprises and invite them to the exhibition, so as to enhance the popularity of SF EXPO China in coating industry.

2. November 10, 2010, The General Assembly Meeting of Guangdong Electroplating Association was held in Panyu Xiangjiang Hotel. It nailed down The 2011 Annual Meeting & Seminar of Guangdong Electroplating Association and Guangzhou Electroplating Association to be held concurrently with SF EXPO China 2011.

3. December 4-6, 2010, The 2nd Member Congress of Fujian Surface Engineering Association, The 2nd Seminar for Green Electroplating New Technologies & Product Show were held in Quanzhou City of Fujian Province. The Organizing Committee of SF EXPO China sponsored the conference and did promotion for the exhibition. The exhibitor and visitor delegation to SF EXPO China 2011 and Seminars was discussed with the local associations of Fujian, Jinhua, Wenzhou, Shenyang, Dalian, etc.

4. December 16, 2010, The 1st International Plating Technical Forum--Non-Cyanide Electroplating Process Seminar organized by Guangdong Electroplating Association was held in Guangzhou. The Organizing Committee of SF EXPO China sponsored the Forum and gave a speech about the exhibition in it. Mr. Lei Jianrong (The President of Guangdong Electroplating Association) announced that "The 2nd International Plating Technical Forum- Wastewater Treatment Seminar" would be held concurrently with SF EXPO China 2011.

5. The Marketing Working Committee of China Surface Engineering Association Meeting was held in Chongqing on December 20-22. After serious discussion, it basically confirmed that The First Marketing Working Committee Congress of 2011 would be held together with "The 9th Guangzhou (China) International Surface Finishing, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition" in May 2011 and about 400-500 people are estimated to participate in the Congress.

Nearly 200 companies have decided to show in SF EXPO China and many representative enterprises are going to confirm their participation. SF EXPO China 2011 will be undoubtedly the biggest, most effective and influential industry pageant in South China in the year of 2011.

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