VOL. 12 May ISSUE YEAR 2011

Nadcap Column

in Vol. 12 - May Issue - Year 2011
How to promote your Nadcap Accreditation

Achieving Nadcap accreditation is not easy; it requires hard work, dedication and time-commitment. Making people aware that you are Nadcap-accredited can help get you greater recognition of your expertise and status, which may lead to new business opportunities. So when you have earned the distinction of being a Nadcap-accredited supplier, show that you are proud of this achievement by promoting your accreditation.

1. Inform your customers
Send a letter or email from your CEO to all customers and contacts, informing them of your new status. Include details of the special process accredited, date of accreditation and even a copy of the certificate.

2. Issue a press release
Write a press release and distribute it to industry magazines, local newspapers and trade organizations. To help you in this effort, PRI has developed a press release template for this purpose; it can be found on the PRI website:

3. Update your website
As an online reminder of your accreditation, the Nadcap mark of conformity can be strategically placed on your website. As a general rule, the home page and "About Us" page may be suitable areas to feature this information. Some companies even create a separate page on the website to explain the Nadcap accreditation and its significance. This will ensure that all customers, regardless of their familiarity with the aerospace industry, will understand what this represents.
If your website has a "News" section, do not forget to update it with the press release you issued. You could also temporarily place "Now Nadcap-Accredited" at various places on your website. Make sure you adhere to the rules regarding the use of the Nadcap mark of conformity – details are on the PRI website (same URL as above).

4. Recognize your staff
Achieving Nadcap accreditation presents an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of your team. Recognition can be as simple as a "Thank You" notice pinned up on the staffroom board or a letter of congratulations sent out to any departments involved. In larger companies, notification to individuals who were not involved can help to spread the good news internally as well as externally.

5. Use social media to notify contacts
Social networking sites can be the perfect way to share the fact that you are now Nadcap-accredited. Start by adding the mark of conformity to your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook profile to indicate your accredited status. As with your website, it is important to display this information on your land page to maximise awareness.

6. Get involved in Nadcap
The triannual Nadcap meetings have become a permanent fixture in the calendars of many Nadcap-accredited suppliers. You can find the upcoming schedule and agendas, together with past meeting minutes on the PRI website under "Nadcap Meetings". In addition, the Supplier Support Committee gives accredited suppliers an opportunity to help improve the Nadcap process, by ensuring that the program meets the needs of suppliers as well as primes.
Contact NadcapSSC@sae.org to find out how to get involved.

7. Contribute to your company newsletter
You can also write an article in your company’s newsletter. You may consider including relevant images that complement your article: photos of employees or teams who played a key role in passing the audit, or the Nadcap mark of conformity.

8. Attend local events
By participating in trade shows and conferences, you can communicate the news of your accreditation to a wider audience. You could even volunteer to speak at a conference, to share your Nadcap experience with others.

9. Update your stationery and marketing materials
Ensure that any outgoing materials feature the Nadcap mark of conformity, to maximize customer exposure to news of your accreditation. The Nadcap mark of conformity can feature on brochures, catalogues, newsletters, job advertisements, reports and publications, as well as stationery such as headed paper and business cards.

10. Display your certification
Your certificate comes mounted, framed and ready to display in a prominent position on your premises, where official visitors and customers are likely to see it. The certificate will serve as a testament to the visitor of the high Quality standards held by your firm. Displaying the certificate also celebrates the determination, hard work and dedication of your employees.

How have you promoted your Nadcap Accreditation?
Please let us know what you have done to celebrate your achievement by emailing joanna.Leigh@pri-europe.org.uk

Not sure whether Nadcap is right for your company?
Learn more about Nadcap at www.pri-network.org or take part in Nadcap Audit Preparation training – learn more at www.eQuaLearn.com