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Introduction of Khoo Jin Hui Jeff

Khoo Jin Hui, Jeff was born in Singapore and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) degree at Nanyang Technological University in 2010. During his university internship program, he was attached to Singapore Technological Aerospace Engines Pte. Ltd. where he built up his experience and knowledge by working in different processes such as shot peening, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), and treatment of effluent plant in an aerospace Maintenance Repair & Overhaul environment. After graduation, Jeff joined Singapore Technological Aerospace Engines Pte. Ltd. where he took on the role as a special process engineer in the Repair Engineering Department. He provided technical support to resolve technical issues for shot peening, vibratory machine finishing as well as other processes such as NDT-Magnetic Particle Inspection, Painting, Rubber and Effluent Plant Treatment. Jeff was responsible for helping the company built up new capabilities and developing manufacturing methods for shot peening for commercial and military components. Over the years, he gained wide exposure in the shot peening process for components such as Booster Blades, Horizontal Bevel Gears, Low Pressure Turbine Shafts, Combustor Casings and Fan Blades. He was very active in the shot peening industry where he worked closely with machine makers and suppliers both locally and overseas. His main role involved working with Original Equipment Manufacturers to customize shot peening machines to suit production requirements. He also extended his service to Singapore Technological Aerospace Engines Pte. Ltd’s sister company in Xiamen, China, to facilitate the outsourcing process of shot peening and establish in-house capabilities in Xiamen. Over the years, Jeff gained practical experience from his dynamic and challenging responsibilities in running shot peening processes. In January 2017, Jeff joined the Advanced Remanufacturing & Technology Centre (ARTC) in Singapore as a Senior Research Engineer. He manages the delivery of research and development initiatives, member specific projects and in-house projects for a wide range of industry members and works closely with ARTC’s Shot Peening team to align the process with Industry 4.0 (Factory of the Future). Jeff actively practises Kaizen for process continuous improvement in order to remain productive at work and competitive in the market. Apart from work, Jeff enjoys fishing as the peace and quiet help him to relax. A big part of his pastime is spent participating in friendly fishing competitions, where he is a group of people hang out together and try to outsmart the fish. "ARTC is a public-private collaboration between A*STAR, NTU and industry partners that seeks to bridge technological gaps in the adoption of advanced remanufacturing processes.