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Introduction of Heribert Gray (Ph.D.)

Heribert Gray, bo in 1955, studied General Mechanical Engineering at the Ruhr-University in Bochum majoring in Material Science & - Technology from 1976 – 1983. After the undergraduate examination in 1990 he took a practical year as Works Student at DEMAG-Plastic Extrusions & Mannesmann Metallurgy. From 1984 till 1987 he intensified his studies of the effects of Shot Peening on the fatigue performance of Titanium Alloys at the technical University of Hamburg. He studied fatigue performance particularly under the aspect of modification of surface texture and the shifting and changing of residual stress profiles at elevated operational test temperatures. These studies were finished by Ph.D.-Thesis that showed the effect of shot peening by systematic separation of the main influencing factors on fatigue properties of Titanium alloys, tested at elevated temperature. Since 1988 Mr. Gray has been engaged with the newly founded Vulkan Blast Shot Technology. After optimization of the production process for atomized stainless steel shot he is now engaged in optimization of Shot Blasting & Peening Processes on an inteational basis. He introduced spherical conditioned cut wire as optimized shot peening and peen forming media at the Boeing Corporation. May 2004 he joined Frohn North America as Vice President. Heribert Gray is a Certified (European) Welding Engineer. He is a member of the DGM, Shot-Peening and Titanium Group & Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI), engaged in the Group for Materials Engineering and Sales Engineers."