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Introduction of Mehmet Feza Guler

Born in Istanbul, 1965, his most precious years passed in one of most privileged provinces of Istanbul, in the Princes' Islands, because his father was commissioned Navy teacher and later a commander, for the young Navy officer candidates in Naval High School, Turkey. Feza had opportunity to study in one of most reputable public high school, Istanbul Kadikoy Anadolu Lisesi where he and his mates were usually able to exercise most of lessons in English. Passing away both his parents in 1986, before his graduation from Anadolu University School of Economics, he had to decide to take place in the business life, whereas he has been working for 29 years particularly for foreign trade, team-work management and of almost all plain commercial issues. For the last decade, as he started working in a company for metallurgical supplies and industrial minerals, Feza has found an interest to dedicate his time and energy to learn, apply and teach some technical aspects for Shot Peen and Shot Blast applications. His endeavors, trainings and knowledge, in course of time, finally lead him to be granted by a Trainee Certificate by MFN in 2007. Feza, accordingly with the latest techniques, dedicates his time to improve his knowledge and thus improve himself by participating available course and training programmers for several surface treatment procedures as well as related new technologies to bring in priority to their developing industry. Feza, is still working in an international business related Turkish company, representing more than 20 companies in exclusivity each of a reputable manufacturer, whereas he has ability to fully concern with a number of industries related to his main frame-work of surface treatment, metallic and non-metallic abrasives, industrial minerals. He is also keen with his professional concern and knowledge for foreign trade, administration of import and export applications. He has team spirit to improve with all the relevant departments and likes working infrastructure of his company where he is offered to work with high-qualified global teamwork in good harmony of meeting the demands and requirements from the clients.