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in Vol. 14 - March Issue - Year 2013
Heading Into The New Year With Plans To Invest
Image 1: AGTOS continuous hanger blasting machine for processing molded parts for the automotive supply industry

Image 1: AGTOS continuous hanger blasting machine for processing molded parts for the automotive supply industry

Based on the constant growth of the company during the last year, the AGTOS management is looking to the future with optimism. After eleven years in the market, AGTOS in Emsdetten has the highest personnel number with 70 employees. In addition, there is the location in Konin, Poland where almost 80 people are employed.

"The company has established itself as a solution provider for turbine-wheel shot-blasting technology. This is reflected in the large number of "regular customers" nationally and internationally," says manager Antonius Heitman. Machines and systems from AGTOS are now sold on all five continents. In addition to the fairly strong German market, more and more orders come from Latin America, South Africa and Russia. Individual solutions and tried and tested concepts are developed for steel construction companies as well as for foundries, smithies, machine construction companies, and the automotive and automotive supply industries.

After the main headquarters in Emsdetten were remodeled and expanded in 2012 and at the same time, the introduction of the construction in 3D started in 2011 progressed, there was an additional need for investment, as not only did the number of AGTOS shot-blasting machines increase, but their size and complexity increased as well. This demand was taken into account for 2013. The approximately 4.000 m² production surface in the Konin factory will be doubled soon. Thus, the manufacturing processes can be optimized and more machines will be available for demonstration purposes. Also, an attractive office and conference rooms were built.

Modern Turbine Technology

The AGTOS high-performance turbines are known for being very maintenance-friendly. Due to the fact that they are equipped with a single-disc turbine wheel, the otherwise standard spacer bolts (image 1) can be omitted. Thus, the number of wear and tear parts in the turbine wheel is reduced. The users profit from lower maintenance expenses and a better blasting medium flow.

A distributor wheel handles the mechanical pre-acceleration of the blasting medium. With the guiding tube, the blasting area can be easily set from the outside. The turbine casing consists of highly wear-resistant manganese hard steel and is also equipped with a robust casing to protect against wear and tear. The turbine blades on the turbine wheel can be easily replaced.

AGTOS high-performance turbines, up to a certain size, are driven by a direct flange-mounted rotary current engine, protection type IP54. A special labyrinth seal on the turbine casing prevents dust or blasting medium from penetrating the engine mount.

Low maintenance periods and fair replacement part prices allow for an extremely economical operation of the blasting systems.


AGTOS is involved with all activities having to do with turbine-wheel shot-blasting technology. Turbine-wheel shot-blasting machines for abrading, cleaning, de-rusting, descaling and hardening are projected, constructed, manufactured and programmed by our own employees in our own factory. This also includes the transport of the work pieces from other processing sites to the blasting machines and further transport. Thus, they often deliver complete systems and machines, i.e. complete solutions. From processing millimeter-sized chain parts to steel constructions the size of overseas containers, the operational capability and size of the systems knows no limits.

Trading used blasting machines completes the product range. These machines are also adapted to the special manufacturing needs of the customer. This includes the option of repairing used blasting machines or modernizing or expanding them with new components. Thus, cost-effective, but also high-quality and practically functional solutions are created. This is particularly interesting for companies with small budgets that require a blasting machine on very short notice or only need one temporarily and not for continuous operation.

In addition to the offer of replacement and wear and tear parts for AGTOS blasting machines, we also offer suitable parts for blasting machines from other manufacturers. Comprehensive service, maintenance, repair and modernization work is also performed by the manufacturer. Thus, the customer has a competent contact partner for everything having to do with turbine-wheel shot-blasting technology.

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