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in Vol. 14 - July Issue - Year 2013
Dedicated to Wheel Blasting Technology
Antonius Heitmann,
Managing Director of AGTOS

Antonius Heitmann, Managing Director of AGTOS

AGTOS hanger type blast machine for crane sections

AGTOS hanger type blast machine for crane sections

AGTOS wire meshbelt shot blasting machine for diecasting parts

AGTOS wire meshbelt shot blasting machine for diecasting parts

MFN had a chance to talk to Antonius Heitmann, Managing Director of AGTOS, a German shot blasting machine manufacturer located in Emsdetten, Germany.

(?) MFN: AGTOS is still a relatively young company. Please tell us a bit about your history.

(!) A. H.: AGTOS was founded in 2001. All founding members came from companies in the realm of turbine wheel shot blasting. Soon, further employees came on board. From that day on, the focus was on innovative, new technology. Thus, the company was able to grow fast and develop into one of the leading manufacturers for turbine wheel shot blasting technology.

(?) MFN: What is your main business and marketing strategy and in what countries are you active?

(!) A. H.: Our main business is the special equipment construction of turbine wheel shot blasting machines. Based on the customer’s needs, and often together with the customer, a project is developed and realized. In addition, the business with used shot blasting machines has developed well. Technically good machines are bought and adapted to the needs of the customer’s requirements. Our business also includes after-sales service and the supply of spare parts. Servicing of our own machines as well as machines by other manufacturers tops off our range of products. AGTOS delivers all over the world.

(?) MFN: Looking at your different range of products, would you like to point out something in particular, that sets you apart from your competitors?

(!) A. H.: I think that we became strong due to the precision in the development, and the flexibility in the realization of the projects. Also including the technical advantages of the major components of our machines. Thus, we have with the AGTOS high performance turbine, a strong powerful engine with good performance characteristics. In addition, it is easy to maintain and flexibly applicable. If there are changes in the requirements to the surface and thus an angular shot is being used, the spare parts of our turbines can be changed from cast iron to tool steel or hard metal without any further changes. Furthermore, our filter units offer crucial advantages in maintenance.

(?) MFN: To our knowledge, you are mainly in blasting. Are you looking at other technologies such as e.g. peening as well?

(!) A. H.: Shot peening is of course part of our know-how. We have delivered a number of machines for peening. In short, we concentrate on everything that is a part of the shot blasting area.

(?) MFN: Are you purely a manufacturer of blasting equipment or do you also offer the service of blasting in your own job shop?

(!) A. H.: We concentrate on the manufacturing of machines.

(?) MFN: The last years have been difficult for many companies; how strongly did it affect your market?

(!) A. H.: Since we deliver to many different branches and are not settled in a certain region, regional problems do not pose a real threat for us. The crisis of 2008/2009 however, hit us hard as well. During this, we saw that our employees determinedly stood by the company AGTOS. This has made us even stronger.

(?) MFN: What is the long-term goal of AGTOS?

(!) A. H.: We strive for constant, healthy growth. After we enhanced our facility in Emsdetten through renovation and remodeling last year, we are investing this year in a new production hall with modern offices in our Polish facility in Konin. By this, we are setting the course for further positive development. We are always enthused anew by shot blasting technology and there still are so many challenges that we want to accept.

MFN would like to thank Antonius Heitmann for the interview!

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