VOL. 18 May ISSUE YEAR 2017


in Vol. 18 - May Issue - Year 2017
First Ever 5-module Strip Descaling Machine Squeezes Into Tight Line
Blast wheel arrangement

Blast wheel arrangement

HB blast machines like this smaller model are used for in-line strip descaling

HB blast machines like this smaller model are used for in-line strip descaling

The Wheelabrator technology centre (TC) in Zürich is set to deliver its first ever 5-module HB strip descaling machine for a customer in Taiwan.

Connecting the five blast chambers with their four powerful U105x500 blast wheels each in series, was necessary to accommodate the required blast power within a shorter-than-usual space in a completely new end-to-end processing line at the customer. The new HB machine is only 28.5m long and is scheduled for commissioning in April 2017.

The combined blast power of 2200kW from 20 blast wheels ensures efficient descaling at high through-feed speeds of up to 151 m/min.

The TC has previously designed HB machine arrangements with up to six modules, but this five-module model was achieved by linking separate 2- to 3-module machines, which takes up considerably more space.

Viktor Lussi from the Wheelabrator Technology Centre in Zürich explains: "Our HB range is the market leading solution for strip descaling, with its flexible design and high performance. The unique 5-module design of this new machine shows the degree to which we can adapt the concept for very specific requirements – and how our team here in Zürich keeps pushing the boundaries of an established technology."

Machines in the HB range can be installed with or without foundation pit and can process steel strip of 600 – 2100mm width. Thanks to the staggered positioning of each set of blast wheels, the machines achieve strip surface finishes of superior quality.

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