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UltimateValve for Media Flow: One Step to Industry 4.0

PA UltimateValve

PA UltimateValve

Industry 4.0 is also considered as the 4th industrial revolution. Over two centuries ago, the industrial revolution started with mechanization, than mass production was introduced, followed by automation and computerization. The current goal is to design cyber physical machines and systems that are able to communicate with each other via the internet. Furthermore, creating a virtual copy of the physical machine shall assist humans in making decisions or allowing cyber physical systems to make decisions by their own. To integrate that into a shot-peening system, there is still a long way to go; however, Abrasive Engineering PTE, which is based in Singapore, has taken significant steps into fulfilling the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Digital Smart Peening Machine

To prepare itself for Industry 4.0, Abrasive Engineering is collaborating with the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) under Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) to co-innovate digital solutions for improved productivity.

The manufacturer of shot-peening machines called it: "Digital Smart Peening" machine.

The "Digital Smart Peening" machine is equipped with an ABB robotic system for the nozzle movement, remote turntable to place the work pieces, media recycle system, double chamber pressure pot for continuous peening and a PA UltimateValve to control the media shot flow.

The machine meets the requirements of the Aerospace Material Specification AMS 2432D.

On top of that, and that concerns the Industry 4.0 standard, the machine has a Display Intelligence Dashboard (DID) and can upload live data to a dashboard gallery.

The live data includes peening pressure, shot flow rate, nozzle size, media type and size, product information, turntable speed and robot data. The user can monitor and access the live data on the DID easily and make the necessary action if an abnormal situation is found or an alarm is sounded.

Being a "Digital Smart Peening" machine, it has the ability to upload live data to the cloud system. The data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Latest Generation Of Media Flow Valve: PA UltimateValve

The "Digital Smart Peening" machine has a precision control valve that regulates the shot media below the continuous operating air peening system. The valve uses a built-in flow sensor that is able to provide closed loop feedback to the shot flow processor.

The shot flow processor is a high-end processing device which controls the media flow rate with auto-tune technology.

When connected to the PA FlowMaster, the configuration of the PA UltimateValve can be retrieved and manipulated by the users for their desired applications. The equipment can be operated in two modes – manual mode or auto mode. Manual mode allows users to control the valve with constant flow rate, while auto mode enables auto-tune technology to regulate the flow rate.

The PA UltimateValve complies with SAE AMS 2430, AMS 2432 and other technical requirements. It only needs a 24V DC power supply to operate. The valve has no moving parts, which ensures a low-maintenance operation.

PA FlowMaster To Control The Shot Flow

The FlowMaster is a managing hub for all PA UltimateValve series, which includes digital I/O and analog signals for communicating with industrial controllers. The FlowMaster has a built-in touch screen that manages all valve operations. The controller has several important functions. It can be connected to up to four valves, supports up to six different display languages, has an auto/manual mode, and an advanced alarm system.

The FlowMaster can save up to fifty recipes that can contain flow rate and product name and can make instant adjustments to up to four different shot sizes. Furthermore it can switch from kg/min to lb/min or vice versa and can accept remote commands. The device has a digital I/O and analog signal card. Furthermore it is very user-friendly and is CE compliant.


The time when shot peening machines can communicate and "help" each other via internet by exchanging data in order to be more efficient or independently solve problems is certainly still far ahead. However, Abrasive Engineering strives to achieve Industry 4.0 by integrating the necessary technical tools in order to provide the best services to their worldwide users.

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