VOL. 22 November ISSUE YEAR 2021


in Vol. 22 - November Issue - Year 2021
An Innovation At The Blechexpo Trade Fair: Nozzles For Airless Spray Lubrication With Minimum Oil Quantities
Hary Kosciesza, Business Development Manager at technotrans (left) and Reinhard Skricek, Sales Manager at technotrans, at a spray.xact spray lubrication system

Hary Kosciesza, Business Development Manager at technotrans (left) and Reinhard Skricek, Sales Manager at technotrans, at a spray.xact spray lubrication system

Hary Kosciesza, Business Development Manager at technotrans

Hary Kosciesza, Business Development Manager at technotrans

Nozzle bar of a spray.xact system

Nozzle bar of a spray.xact system

Intuitive control panel of a spray.xact spray lubrication system

Intuitive control panel of a spray.xact spray lubrication system

In the Spotlight

technotrans SE is a global technology and service group with its headquarters in Sassenberg in the German Münsterland region. Its application-specific thermal management solutions are the core competence of the company. This also includes the energetic optimisation and control of the temperature of sophisticated technological applications. With 17 sites, the company has a presence in all of the major markets worldwide. technotrans SE is active in the plastics sector, energy management field (including electromobility solutions, high-power charging stations and data centre applications), health care and analytics sector, printing industry as well as the laser and machine tools sector. In addition, technotrans offers a wide range of services, including construction site installations, maintenance, repairs and 24/7 spare parts supply, for example. As of 2021, the individual companies of the group – technotrans SE, gwk Gesellschaft für Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, termotek GmbH, klh Kältetechnik GmbH and Reisner Cooling Solutions GmbH – are unified under the technotrans umbrella brand. An exception is gds GmbH, with its headquarters in Sassenberg, as a full service supplier of technical documentation services which will remain a separate brand within the group of companies. Die technotrans SE is listed on the Prime Standard segment (ISIN: DE000A0XYGA7 / WKN: A0X YGA) and has a global workforce of more than 1,400 employees. In the 2020 financial year, the group reached a turnover of 190.5 million euros.

The return to in-person trade fairs with a major innovation: At this year's Blechexpo trade fair, technotrans SE presents its new nozzle technology for spray lubrication applications. The new nozzles enable the homogeneous application of extremely small oil quantities of less than 0.5 g per square metre without the need for compressed air. In addition, the company will also present its proven spray lubrication solutions of the spray.xact series for a wide range of applications. These units also operate without compressed air and do not require an extraction system. In addition, they are characterised by their high level of flexibility, efficiency and reproducibility as well as by their mist-free spray pattern.

"We look forward to meeting our customers, partners and other interested visitors in person at the Blechexpo trade fair after such a long time. We are excited because our new nozzle systems are a true innovation that will be showcased to the visitors at our stand," explains Hary Kosciesza, business development manager at technotrans. At the technotrans stand, the new nozzles are installed in a lubrication system that applies a highly viscous forming oil to demonstrate the spraying quality.

The technotrans nozzles can spray extremely small quantities of less than 0.5 g of oil per square metre without any compressed air. This makes them particularly suitable for aluminium forming applications in the automotive industry. Aluminium is becoming increasingly widespread throughout car body manufacturing applications due to its low weight. However, these applications call for particularly small forming oil quantities. As Hary Kosciesza explains, the innovative product is based on a long series of tests and extensive development work: "When it comes to such small quantities, the timing of the valves is of utmost importance. Because of how small the quantities are, there is a greater risk of undesired rippling due to excessively long intervals. With our new nozzles, we have overcome this challenge and have been able to produce a homogeneous spray pattern thanks to shorter cycles."

A resource-saving spray lubrication solution without an extraction system

Visitors will also be able to see additional solutions of the spray.xact series at the trade fair stand. Among these solutions is the spray.xact c system, a telescopic spray lubrication system in its own enclosure with a spraying width of 1,300 mm for the lubrication of coils, and another compact system with a spraying width of 250 mm and removable spray bars for fine blanking applications. In addition, technotrans will also showcase its proven spray.xact easy and reflection systems. spray.xact easy is an economically efficient solution for straightforward applications where only the oil and oil quantity need to be configured. The spray.xact reflection system, on the other hand, has been designed for the indirect spray lubrication of high-speed blanking presses. These presses are used in the electrical industry for the production of small plug contacts and usually perform 400 strokes or more per minute. This requires an ultra-thin oil layer which can be realised with the aid of the technotrans system. In addition, the company also presents its tool lubrication solutions that can be implemented with every spray.xact system.

All of the systems presented by technotrans are highly flexible and customisable. They also fulfil the most stringent requirements in terms of reliable processes and resource-saving operation. Thanks to the use of high-frequency pulsating valves with single-product nozzles, there is no need for compressed air. "This sustainable concept leads to a small carbon footprint and low costs. In addition, it enables the economical, mist-free application of the oil without any extraction system, as would be the case with conventional solutions," explains Kosciesza. Thanks to a particularly high-dosing accuracy, the level of reproducibility is consistently high. The maintenance-friendly design and various remote diagnostics and remote access options ensure outstanding availability.

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