Vol. 12 September Issue
Year 2011




Shot Peening from the Eyes of Experience

An Interview with Dan Spinner, Technical Manager of Superior Shot Peening, Inc. in Houston, Texas, USA and Changzhou China.

Proudly Presenting SFCHINA, 23-25 November 2011, Shanghai

Cover Page

Manufacturing Blast Nozzles for More Than 50 years

Author: Gerd Weisel, Senior Sales Manager

Science Update

A Shot Peening Method for Aerofoil Treatment of Blisk Assemblies

Author: Wolfgang Hennig

Shot Peening in the Automotive Industry

Shot Peening For Very High Cycle Fatigue: A Stimulating Challenge

Author: Mario Guagliano

Standards Forum

A Precise Knowledge of Peening Shot

Author: Paul Huyton

Good Vibrations

Component Drying "Not just a lot of hot air"

Author: Paul Rawlinson

Off the Beaten Track

Blips on a Screen

Author: Giovanni Gregorat

Nadcap Column

What has the Nadcap Supplier Support Committee done for me?

From Editor's Desk

How to treat a customer?

Author: Andrzej Wojtas


June 2011: Wheelabrator Allevard Celebrates Its 50th Birthday and becomes "Winoa"

New Innovations for Onsite Blast Cleaning

1st MFN Shot Peening & Flap Peening Workshop in Spain - in Cooperation with Bilbao's School of Engineering!

Conductive Dust Collector Filter Provides Static Dissipation, High Performance

Breakthrough Indentation Yield Strength Test

Building a Green Paint Shop in China

4th PaintExpo, Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Coating Technology from 17 through 20 April 2012 in Karlsruhe (Germany). Material and Energy Efficiency as Innovation Drivers

Author: Doris Schulz

Controlling Cleaning and Bath Quality. Reliably Clean?

Author: Doris Schulz