VOL. 25 May ISSUE YEAR 2024

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in Vol. 25 - May Issue - Year 2024
Taking Care of Your Machine…Not That One

This issue’s article is going to be a slight departure from my normal content, but one I feel is just as important. And hey, it’s my column so I can do that, right? Don’t worry, editors, I’ll tie it into the abrasive blasting industry in the end.

This issue’s topic does involve machine maintenance, but I am not addressing a blast machine. Rather, I want to discuss about taking care of your body, which is a machine in and of itself. And frankly, the more important machine in blast operation! 

My role as a technical advisor requires lots of climbing, stooping, lifting, and even entering confined spaces through small entrances. Workdays can be long and require a lot of time on your feet. I do not think I would have the capability to carry out my responsibilities as easily as I am able to, without the work I put in outside of the role. I am I have always been somewhat into fitness. It comes and goes in phases. However, as I get older (47 now), there is an adage I’ve adapted that keeps me motivated to maintain a medium level of fitness. I’ve heard various iterations of this throughout life, but again, as I get older, I realize the relevance more and more. It goes something like: “you don’t stop exercising because you get old; you get old when you stop exercising.” 

It is easy to prove this theory by simply looking around and observing society, right? Unless they have some form of debilitating injury, people that have some sort of fitness regimen generally have more mobility, agility, and endurance, and as long as you maintain this regimen, those abilities will remain to some extent. This fitness regimen need not to be anything extreme, unless that’s your thing. Walking daily, light stretching or yoga and, a little bit resistance training go a long way against fighting aging. Remember, it is more about consistency than the type of exercise in which you are engaging into. 

If you are reading this article, first…thank you! Secondly, you are obviously in the industry. Whether you are an operator, inspector, or maintenance technician, your role too, likely has most of the same demands as listed above. 

If you are not already engaged in a fitness regimen outside of work, I would highly encourage you to begin one. I can assure you that after a while, the long or hard work days will get much easier! Let me also add, stretching before and frequently during the work day is also very beneficial, so do not neglect that either!

Here's to your health!

Contact: chris.prouty@winoa.com

Written by chris prouty, Contributing Editor for MFN and Technical Advisor at Winoa